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About Chef Hoa Le...

Chef Hoa Le was born and lived part of her childhood in South Viet Nam. Like many other individuals that immigrated to the United States, she looked for opportunities to learn, to work, to obtain the freedom of pursuing whatever career she desired. She is a chemist, a microbiologist, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a chef by heart. Her passions lie in the culinary world. Chef Summer loves to travel, discovers new flavors, and shares them with the people. After operating a couple of restaurants, Banhmilicious and Shaka, she realized that there is a missing puzzle to Pittsburgh's food scene. And that is healthy Asian comfort food. Hence the birth of SOMI

summer rolls
Tofu Bibimpab

About SOMI...

SOMI is an Asian fusion restaurant focused on delivering healthy, beautiful, nutrient-dense, progressive Asian cuisine. We start with traditional flavors before substituting or supplementing key ingredients with aggressive portioning of local, organic microgreens and other healthy enhancements. Key regional influences include Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Hawaiian cuisine.

Microgreen Summer Rolls, Vietnamese Bibimbap, Smoked Lemongrass Spare Rib Ramen, Hawaiian Shoyu Ahi Tuna Poke, and Vegan Grass Noodle Stirfry are some of the items on SOMI'S menu.